Driver Intelligence Database


Driver Intelligence Database places emphasis on prevention by identifying and screening drivers to reduce risk in ground transportation. The service is provided to transport organizers – manufacturers, forwarders and carriers – who are unable to check and identify the truck driver beyond doubt prior the handover of the cargo.

  • Instead of local blacklists, DiDb generates a common database with information of screened truck drivers
  • Intelligence about the drivers’ performance and qualification shared by the users.
  • Whitelist, which reduces the risks and losses connected to the human factor

DiDb gives quick and secured control method concerning both the drivers’ membership and its current status. The core of the system is an active and continuously updated database that enables its users to check the identity, competence and suitability of the registered drivers before loading valuable or sensitive cargo.

As a preventive solution, DiDb significantly decreases driver related risks in ground transportation. The users of Driver Intelligence Database can reduce the chance of cargo loss and have the opportunity to avoid the continuous, impending risk of organized cargo crime.