Driver Intelligence Database


Truck drivers’ involvement in cargo related incidents is very high, around 55%. Indirect involvement is negligent or thoughtless kind of behaviour, direct involvement means that the bribed driver cooperates with a criminal gang helping them with information or taking an active participation in the incidents. In several cases the modus operandi is even simpler: a bogus carrier with/or a fake driver picks up the cargo and disappears forever. Either way can cause unacceptable level of loss in the supply chain that shall be reduced significantly.

Driver Intelligence Database (DiDb) was made operational to help users (manufacturers, logistics companies and freight forwarders within the EU) by providing a complex database of personally identified and screened truck drivers.

Instead of using local blacklists, DiDb generates a common whitelist with intelligence shared by the users. The database gives a quick and safe control method concerning both the drivers’ identities and their current statuses. The core of the system is an active and continuously updated database that enables its users to check the identity and the qualification of the registered drivers before loading valuable or sensitive cargo.

With its preventive force, DiDb significantly decreases driver related risks and losses in ground transportation.