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Web application

The web application can be used for three main purposes:

1. Driver registration interface - for carriers

On this interface, our transport customers can register their drivers in the DiDb database, or - if the driver is already a member of the system - renew their membership, reactivate or change their data. 

2. Manufacturer's driver control interface 

manufacturing and logistics service companies that require their carriers to employ drivers with DiDb membership can use this interface to check the DiDb status and data sheet of the registered driver during site entry, as well as to assign the desired transport data to the driver (e.g. registration number, carrier company name, etc.)

3. Manufacturer reporting interface 

users can view the entry and/or exit data performed by the guards, other information, documents and photos related to the transport on the web reporting interface. Other functions, such as managing users, reporting and handling incidents, are also available depending on the authorization.