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DiDb system

Online driver identification, qualification and access control system 

The direct or indirect responsibility of truck drivers can be established for some of the damages and losses that occur during the road transportation of goods. We speak of indirect liability if the driver endangers the safety of the vehicle and/or the cargo by negligent or reckless behavior (for example by drunk driving or irresponsibly chosen parking space). In the case of direct liability, the driver is the perpetrator, an active participant in a crime, thus causing serious damage to the cargo owner.

The goal of the Driver Intelligence Database (DiDb) is to provide all actors in the supply chain with a common, online platform that can be used to significantly reduce these direct and indirect human related risks.

Instead of local blacklists, DiDb offers an online whitelist kept up-to-date by users, which always provides current and shared information. In this way, not only can the identity of the driver registered in the database be identified beyond all doubt, but his suitability and reliability can also be checked and a simple decision mechanism is provided before the loading. DiDb is a preventive system, therefore focuses on the most sensitive element of road transport, the human: it assures the user that the goods and the wheel of the truck will be in the right hands during transportation.